Thursday, 15 March 2012

Butter Avenue Patisserie & Cafe

white chocolate strawberry

sea salt caramel
earl grey
Butter Avenue Patisserie & Cafe
3467 Yonge St. Toronto, Ontario
Macarons $2.25 each
Flavours (11 available at the time of visit): dark chocolate, cafĂ© au lait, sea salt caramel, chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate strawberry, earl grey, matcha, cream cheese passionfruit, lemon, raspberry, and cassis

It was love at first bite.

The delicate eggshell of a crust offered only the slightest resistance as it gave way to the soft, chewy interior. And it all melded with the smooth filling into a surprisingly light yet delightfully clear flavour in my mouth. Across a number of different flavours, this texture remained relatively consistent - no easy feat for these finicky pastries that are notoriously difficult to perfect.

In terms of flavours, if you only try one of their macarons, sea salt caramel should be it. (I literally left Butter Avenue dreaming about getting my grubby hands on another one so surely that alone must say something.) First of all, the rich and sweet caramel is perfectly tempered with the sea salt. Combine that with the amazing texture and melt-in-your-mouth quality of the macarons in general, and you have what dreams are made of. Utterly heavenly.

I also enjoyed the chocolate hazelnut and matcha macarons as well. The chocolate hazelnut was (unsurprisingly) sweeter than the dark chocolate macaron and the hazelnut added a welcome layer of depth to the cocoa flavour. As for the matcha, it was light and not too sweet - letting the earthy green tea flavour speak for itself.

Overall, Butter Avenue's combination of wonderful service and well-crafted pastries won me over. I look forward to visiting again.

And for those of you in Toronto, Macaron Day is being celebrated by a number of patisseries including Butter Avenue which will also be expanding their offerings to 20 flavours that day. Some of the new flavours include peanut butter jelly, oolong and - the one I'm most excited about - rose. With one free macaron per person and part of the proceeds going to charity, there’s nothing to lose no matter which flavour (or patisserie) you try.

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  1. I felt your review did a phenomenonal job describing the experience at a macaron delight such as Butter Avenue.