Thursday, 8 March 2012

La Bamboche: Macaron Review

La Bamboche. 4 Manor Road East. Toronto ON.
Macarons - $2.60 each

At La Bamboche, the macarons themselves are rather large and their outer crusts are relatively thicker than other macarons I’ve tried – that's not a deal breaker though. The problem? They were far too dry and brittle at the edges (which may be an issue with freshness). 

Besides that, the texture of the rest of the macaron was okay. Disregarding the issue at the edges, the shells were still more crunchy than other macarons I’ve tried. The interior was slightly chewy (albeit slightly on the dry side too) and there was a good ratio of filling to shell. A general note about the flavours: the three macarons I tried did not seem very sweet and that may or may not be a good thing in your books. 

Now, let’s move onto the specifics.

Green tea and Mango (pictured above): No matter where you get them from, green tea macarons generally seem to have a slightly different texture from the other flavours and it was the case here at La Bamboche as well: the unfortunate crunchiness at the edges was particularly prominent in this one. As wonderful as I thought this flavour combination initially seemed, I would have preferred a more traditional green tea filling. It’s not that it’s a bad combination but the two don’t do anything for each other and I found the flavour of the mango overpowering the green tea. I would have liked to have that great earthy matcha flavour showcased by itself.

Pistachio (pictured below): “Very rich” were the first words out of my friend’s mouth. The pistachio flavour is quite strong with the filling mainly consisting of a pistachio paste - it was like a much smoother and creamier peanut butter. Whereas I wanted more of the green tea flavour in the previous macaron, I thought the pistachio flavour was a bit too strong for my tastes.

Sea Salt Caramel (pictured above): Hidden pockets of caramel can be found within the sea salt caramel buttercream filling which is a nice surprise. The sea salt is very subtle, and there is only enough to bring out the caramel flavour - my friend had no idea there was any salt until I informed him. The caramel flavour itself is rather subdued and you won’t be left with a cloying aftertaste in your mouth as it's not very sweet. It was definitely the best of the three but I still didn't love it either.

Which brings me to the next point: I’m not a fan. Yes, based on the many positive reviews I found when I got home, my issues with the texture (especially the brittleness at the edges) may just be due to having a bad batch. However, what I tasted is all I have to judge them on and even overlooking the texture, the flavours didn't win me over.

But, if the idea of a macaron that isn’t overly sweet and packs a lot of crunch sounds appealing to you (and you don't mind the idea of getting a super crispy batch like I did) then La Bamboche may be what you’re looking for. I'll be heading elsewhere though - I prefer my macarons to be light and delicate.

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