Friday, 6 April 2012


Beauté naturelle (in Mixte #62) featuring Tanya Dziahileva
Photographer: Carlotta Manaigo

I’m not sure why but when I first listened to Birdy’s songs, I thought of this editorial with Tanya. Anyways, I’m a bit late to the game on this one. Birdy - also known as Jasmine Van den Bogaerde - seems to have burst onto the scene last year and just had a number of American appearances last month including a spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show but I only recently discovered her through random clicking on YouTube.

Regardless, I’m loving her voice. At the moment, her only album mainly consists of cover songs albeit lovely renditions. I can only find about 3 of her original songs available right now: Without a Word, Just a Game (on The Hunger Games soundtrack) and Be Free. These few songs suggest that she's much more than just a cover artist and fortunately, her next album will primarily be composed of her own songs.

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  1. Hey, sorry for the super-laggy response, but I am alive now, lol. To answer your question, I was based in Toronto however most of my family lives in Victoria, BC :)

    I'm simply in love with the editorial! Minus the coca-cola can (not a fan, ha). I think I shall give Birdy a listen, I'm in need of a new playlist.