Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Assorted Randoms

It feels like all I've been doing these past few days is packing, cleaning, unpacking and doing more cleaning. And I suppose that cleaning mentality has extended to my hard drive. I found some old pictures that I thought I would share.

1. The ceiling doesn't get nearly as much attention as I think it should
2. I don't recall the popcorn being all that awesome but I do like the clean aesthetic of this ad.
3. I went back to one of my favourite movie theatres and found that the Indiana Jones pinball machine had been replaced. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
4. No hot chocolate is complete without marshmallows
5. I love the detailing on this new blouse.


  1. I'm a rather neat person - some may even say that I am borderline OCD.
    When I'm intent on procrastinating, however, my cleaning phases reach an all time high. That having been said, I am now bombarded with so many university assessments and my room/house is now spotless, haha.
    Nice shots, btw.

    1. hah That's awesome Maria. And the complete opposite of my housemates and I - the mess in our house builds up to epic proportions during midterms and exam periods.